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[3] In 2018, we will see more corporate scandals triggered by the careless behaviour of employees on social media.

Social media discussions are no longer off the radar and can quickly be brought to the public's attention, thus creating risks of negative reputational spirals.

[2] Although stigma around remote workers remains a problem, the diffusion of the practice should contribute to this negative label fading away.

The rise of digital technologies and online collaborative platforms should help workers coordinate efficiently.

Firms will have to take the matter in their own hands and ensure that public relations are handled by professionals.

But, more broadly, we will also see an increasing number of corporate misconducts exposed on social media, in a similar way to the publicity received by the mistreatment of a passenger on a United Airline carrier last April.’ In short, 2018 will be a year of further dematerialisation of work.

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This poses the question on how organisations can protect their employees from harassment while at the same time respecting their right to privacy.

A More Comprehensive Approach to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace ‘The Weinstein scandal has put the issue of sexual harassment at the centre of attention. Sexual harassment at work is not a new issue – in fact management scholars have studied the phenomenon for almost 40 years.

What is new however, is the fact that the cases that came to light in the past year have pointed out the subtlety of sexual harassment.

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