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— University of Illinois officials say a rise in reported sexual misconduct cases against employees was likely spurred by the #Me Too movement, mandatory employee training and a new online way to file complaints.

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The cases included sexual or gender-based harassment, dating violence, stalking and sexual assault.Reporting likely has been encouraged by the national #Me Too movement, she said.The movement has created a public space to have conversations about harassment and misconduct, said Colleen Murphy, a law professor at the university.Accordingly, leading public health and medical professional organizations support a comprehensive approach to sex education—stressing the need for medically accurate, age-appropriate curricula that include information about both abstinence and contraception.Although there is no federal funding stream dedicated to promoting truly comprehensive sex education, federal funding for teen pregnancy prevention has largely shifted away from a focus on abstinence-only programs to a more comprehensive approach that educates adolescents about contraception in addition to abstinence.During this long interim period, they may be at heightened risk for unintended pregnancy and STIs.Yet abstinence-only programs denigrate sexual activity before marriage as shameful and ignore the needs of sexually active adolescents.For FY 2016, Congress raised annual funding for abstinence-only programs from million to million.The bulk of this money— million—is allocated for the Title V abstinence education program, a grant program for states that contains an eight-point statutory definition of an eligible “abstinence education” program.Of the 6 million provided for more comprehensive programs in FY 2016, million went to the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP), a grant program that mainly provides funds to states for programs that educate adolescents about both abstinence and the use of contraception for the prevention of pregnancy and STIs.The other 1 million funded the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, a competitive grant program geared toward community-based groups to support evidence-based and innovative teen pregnancy prevention approaches.

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