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Really, characters do grow but they tend to have done a lot of growing before the show was established, and quite a few past experiences are explained through-out the episodes.

Either way, the audience is given the chance to fall in love with the characters before they begin to change, which adds a nice and smooth transition.

While watching the show I found the melody coordinated with many places perfectly, surely in the Ouran world the music full of rich violins, playful piano, and elegant harp was a match made in heaven. Generally, I don't like to comment on subtitles because what's there to say, but what I liked was how many notes were provided to get said joke.

It was also produced very nicely for the English audience.

I was going to skip this series entirely because I tend to avoid popular shows now-a-days; however, in the end I'm glad I didn't.

This was certainly worth my time and I guarantee it's worth yours, too.

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When she opens the door to Music Room #3 hoping to find a quiet place to study, Haruhi unexpectedly stumbles upon the Host Club.

A keen example is Tamaki and his feelings for Haruhi.

In the beginning, he takes on a father role towards her and the audience is made to believe that this is only part of his nature; however, the viewers should realize that this is because of the feelings he holds for her.

It all comes down to the fact that the manga is still going and the characters are still maturing in that format; thus, they can only grow so far in the anime without making it a new story entirely.

Sure, they stay towards their first impressions but, there are a handful of episodes that explain each Host Club member and their reasoning behind attitude, outlook, and for joining the club in the first place.

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