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Within less than ten years, ENCOM grew into one of the world's leading computer companies. on July 22, 1972, originally from inside his garage.

In 1982, ENCOM was under the control of senior EVP Ed Dillinger, and was developing multiple computer programs, and most importantly, digitising technology.Dillinger created an administrative program to control this mainframe. Development of MCP began as a chess program dating back to when Flynn was first with the company.By 1982, ENCOM was operating in 30 different countries and was a leading research facility.In the 2000s Richard Mackey became chairman of the board, and by 2010 ENCOM had experienced its most profitable year ever.However, Flynn's son, Sam, remained a majority stockholder in the company, and while he stayed out of ENCOM's day-to-day activities and publicly professed to not concern himself with its operations, once a year Sam would stage an elaborate stunt to embarrass the company's executives.Flynn began to push his theories of a new digital frontier that could be used to "reshape the human condition." Flynn expounded on his ideas in a book, called "Digital Frontier," and in a famous speech about computers declared that, "In there is a new world! Sometime in 1989, Flynn told those closest to him that he had made a breakthrough in computing that could impact science, medicine, religion and more.A few days later, Flynn mysteriously disappeared and as a result many feared that ENCOM would go out of business now that their creative guru was gone.It began hacking into outside systems and assuming the functions of the programs it found there.Still bored, and much to Dillinger's chagrin, it began making plans to hack into the Pentagon and Kremlin systems to take control of the world's two largest defense systems.Richard Mackey took over as the new ENCOM CEO, and he and the rest of the board quickly eliminated the idea of sharing their operating system with others.Since then the company moved into the operating system market, releasing FLYNN/ENCOM OS 12 by 2010.

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