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Besides, the estate of the songwriter really, really needs the money (like Marvin Gaye's heirs). Then you see an SUV four wheeling through the woods with a voice over saying..... MGM holds the copyright of the film version and licensing of the characters (as depicted in the 1939 film) for The Wizard of Oz, including the score. I'd blame autocorrect, but, I think it was a case of too-fast typing.

That commercial has got to be the worst I've seen so far this year. Even though I don't live in NYC, I thought there was something wrong with the view of the Statue of Liberty in those ads. "yeah, you're older and wiser, but that doesn't mean you can't still tear it up"......some such drivel. Count me in with the people who hate the Asian chick who named her car brad.

Just one example: the Breathe-Rite nasal strip ads about the perils of being a mouth breather. Check it out- you'll start to see phones in all kinds of ads.

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Not to mention the TONS of articles about what a $$$ rip-off Phoenix is; loans; what sound like lies - I have no love for Donald Dump, but I'd love to be at some rally or press conference and ask him - if he would SHUT DOWN Univ of phoenix and other such places, for actual borderline CRIMINAL misrepresentation: then I'd vote for him! I cannot stomach watching the guy come out of the restaurant restroom with a folded newspaper under his arm!!Even if he washed his hands with lye, the newspaper has poopicles (from Elvis Duran's morning show on Z100 in NYC) all over it!!They are both trim and athletic, but the wife has boobs placed strangely low on her rib cage.For all of these scenarios, the dialogue, direction and smug delivery make me absolutely hate the actors. " (slaps one hand into the other) "a car T-bones ya" is the one I hate the most.It's overkill, those commercials - pardon the hideous pun.Re the Phoenix commercial linked above: (A) Is THe Wizard of Oz already in the public domain?? Frank Baum have no estate that could have blocked fucking up "If I Only Had a Brain?The first time I saw it and she held up that finger I actually said 'oh, fuck off' to the tv. Your time's not more important than the security guard's. And yes he was an ass but that bitch with her hand up waving away the poor guard guy is insufferable. The "Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee" thing is so cheesy.It reminded me of a Mc Donalds commercial from a few years ago where a guy gets up and goes to Mc Ds for his morning coffee. It always comes off like a little kid that's trying to seem cool in front of the grownups and pretending to be tired and grumpy.I share and delight in all the delicious, delectable hatred for the University of Phoenix ad! Schneiderman successfully sued you, alleging your Trump University was an “illegal educational institution” that charged up to ,000 for “Trump Elite” mentorships promising personal advice from you, but you never showed up and your “special” list of lenders was photocopied from Scotsman Guide, a magazine found at any bookstore."I think it's for that battery powered nail filing gizmo.That whiny, whispery , hesitant affected "singing" style makes me want to reach down that creature's throat and wrench out her vocal chords. The retard chick who does the voice-over can't even pronounce button; she says "just press the "buh'in" a couple of times during the commercial.

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  1. 18, purports to show Tolkien and Barnett at the arson site. He comments that he must ‘put aside the more interesting (and I think more important) tracts of Ancient History [his fiction] for Examinations’, i.e. He believes that it would comfort the students examined if they knew that the examiners ‘suffer at least as much in what we must suppose to be a good cause . According to a report in (London) for 17 December 1942, ‘after the present academic year there will be virtually no men students reading the humane subjects unless they come up under the age of 18, which is somewhat unusual. So far as has been heard at present, women will be at the university in virtually unreduced numbers. 223, historian Paul Johnson recalls ‘a puzzled and inconclusive discussion’ about T. Eliot ‘after dinner on a foggy November evening’ in 1946, when he was in his first year at Oxford. The quality of colour reproduction is similar to that in the 1999 edition. 4: Cor Blok has recalled that after correspondence in 1962, he renewed contact with Tolkien ‘only once, in 1964, when I was preparing a large scale exhibition . Tolkien’s final year at King Edward’s School ended in July 1911, but he returned for the Open Debate in April 1912. The English School here is a battle-ground and there is small peace and little sense in it’ (Michael Silverman, p.

  2. If you don’t like where the conversation is going, you can quickly change over and never have to speak with that person again.