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One diagnostic sign that I have always found very useful in diagnosing Autism Early is how the child reacts to his name being called out. If out of ten, the child is responding less than 7 -8 times when a stranger calls out his name, there is a strong chance that the child could be falling in the Autism Spectrum. If you can leave the medical diagnosis aside, Take a brief pause and understand what has happened to your Child ( it will help you in his recovery ). This is stopping him from learning new things Autism Confirmed -Time to go all guns blazing Its now or never, you cant afford delay in this matter.

It seems that the child has slipped into his own world . His mind is getting trained to be in his own world . Put all your energy into pulling your child out of the world that he has slipped into.

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This School had no Special infrastructure for handling autism .

I have seen that children recover from autism more when their parents are actively involved in giving therapy to the child at home .

Autism therapies are no rocket science ; one can easily learn them .

This slipping into his own self is the biggest impediment to his recovery .

Most of our learning occurs from what we learn passively.

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