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Today, Lifetime Fitness operates 105 health clubs in 8 states: Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Arizona, Indiana and Virginia.

Company headquarters remain in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Question 1: What is the phone number for Lifetime Fitness?

He knew every part of the business and believed that he could provide better customer service, and offer services that everyone in the family would enjoy, including bright, clean swimming pools and a variety of classes.

Lifetime Fitness was founded in 1992, with the first club was located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. A year later, another location opened in Woodbury, MN.

By 1986, Akradi decided to create his own health club.

Do you know Ballantyne location you are not allowed to wear “workout clothes” in sauna?

You have to change into a bathing suit or take off your clothes and just have a towel on.

what about hot yoga classes, they wear workout clothes in there and its hot and sweaty. I have used other Life Time locations and NEVER was informed of this and NEVER heard anyone being ESCORTED OUT! Obviously you at corporate don’t know a thing about certain pieces of equipment and their uses.

They dont require to shower first so I don’t get it. ok well inforce the rules that require people to shower prior to getting into the pool and the hot tub or inforce the rule for people to wipe off exercise equipment after use (talk about germs 🤢) 👊🏼👊🏼 I AM BEYOND PISSED!!! But supposedly its a “corporate policy” Reply I am stuck working out in your gym if you can call it that at Apex N. I suggest that maybe you should take a tutorial on the benefits of that piece of equipment.

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