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One actionable upside of being Gig City is that, according to Kelly Shaughnessy, a real estate agent and model I met, the dating scene is pretty good: “Fiber-optics brought start-ups and start-ups brought hipsters, so everywhere you go are 20- to 35-year-olds who are not married, making apps.” My first hotel, The Dwell, is the city’s only boutique offering and an Art Deco gem.“Gig” refers to the status that Chatt (or Cha or the Nooga, depending on whom you ask) earned in 2010 as the first municipality in the United States to offer one gigabit fiber-optic internet speed to its citizens, and 10 gigabit to businesses that will pay premium prices.That clunky claim to fame has lured many a start-up to the Innovation District in its revitalized downtown.When a city’s major selling points are its internet speed and its wood-fired Choo Choo train (a phenomenon in 1880), plus a couple of new hotels, it’s hard to imagine what its character might be.With a midsize population of about 177,000, Chattanooga sits right across the Tennessee border from Georgia, so close that one easily crosses state lines driving around — though the Confederate flags I saw flying high seemed to be concentrated on the Georgia side. “It’s hard not to feel like you’re on the margins when you live in a market like this,” said Tim Kelly, a local business mogul and chairman of the city’s popular amateur soccer club, which has drawn as many as 18,000 spectators a game.Dan Coleman’s ’56 Ford was named Custom Category Champion; Harry & Linda Smith’s ’93 Ford was the Truck Category Champion; Jesse Matlock’s ’71 Plymouth was Street Machine Comp Category Champion, and Andy Starr’s ’65 Buick was named the Restored Category Champion. Congratulations on winning these well-deserved awards! The ISCA Summit Racing Equipment Show Car Series Championship Finals are taking place this weekend at the Chicago World of Wheels.Be sure to check out our amazing Finalists if you’re in Chicago!A professional ISCA Judging Staff selects the “Fabulous Five”: the top 5 first-time shown vehicles in the Birmingham, AL show.These are the contenders for the Vaughn Early Memorial Award presented by American National Insurance and its ,000 Cash Prize.Now, students from the University of Tennessee and canoodling couples of all sexual orientations come nightly to sit on cliffs and watch the Tennessee River Valley turn shades of red and pink.After a hectic first week on the job in New Orleans, I felt an immediate sense of relief as I drove into town and immediately onto a tranquil brick road stretch of Chattanooga’s Main Street lit up with strings of white lights.

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