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Dine, in DDined Dined Dined at home Dined on, formally Dined with artist, bill's covered for both parties Diner Diner accident Diner basketful Diner bottle Diner cupful Diner cupfuls Diner cuppa Diner dessert Diner devices Diner dish Diner employee Diner entree Diner feature Diner fixture, informally Diner fixtures, informall Diner freebie Diner freebies Diner handout Diner in "Alice"Diner jarful Diner list Diner manager/waitress in Diner music player, infor Diner music players, in b Diner of 1970s-'80s TVDiner offering Diner on "Alice"Diner option Diner order Diner order, briefly Diner order, with "the"Diner orders Diner patrons Diner sandwich Diner serving Diner side Diner sign Diner sign filler Diner souvenir Diner stack Diner's bill Diner's card Diner, for one Dinero Dinero dispensers Diners Diners' requests Dines Dines at a restaurant Dines at home Dinesen who wrote "Out of Dinette piece Dinette set spot Dinette settings Dinette spot Ding Ding Dong alternative Ding Dong alternatives Ding Dong filler Ding Dongs competitor Ding Dongs, e.g. Dings Dingus Dining Dining highlight Dining occasions right for introduction of nutritious rolls Dining option Dining room drawer Dining room piece Dining table expander Dining table sights Dinky Dinner and a movie, perha Dinner at boot camp Dinner bird Dinner bread Dinner bun Dinner companion? the Ebro flows Dire early morning warnin Dire fate Dire game across Atlantic, involving ball Dire outcome of participation having no consequences? Dine out on fancy grub - Heston's starter is capital Dine with fellow, hosted by crazy screwball? Dingbats Dinger Dingers, in sports lingo Dinghy attachment, often Dinghy movers Dinghy or dory Dinghy or wherry Dinghy pair Dinghy propeller Dinghy propellers Dinghy, e.g.

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Dinner-and-a-show venue Dinner-related Dinners likely to have le Dinnertime annoyances Dino whose body was more Dino's tail? Direct mail sticker Direct motorway link between capitals anticipated Direct opposite Direct order? Directions, part 2Directions, part 3Directions-giving org. Directive Directive at work Directive for one young man has overlooked name Directive obeyed by Alice Directive to a band Directive to a chauffeur Directive to a masseur at Directive to James Directives Directly Directly above Directly across from: Abb Directly confront Directly contrary Directly from the side Directly opposed Directly opposed: in general, opening up Directly show where Directly, directionally Director Director (2003), actor (1Director abandoning teams - cheers the rest Director Almod Director and performer put in grass in middle of act Director and rising female to cuddle as couple Director and star of "Arm Director and star of the Director Anderson Director Apatow Director backing Britain? Director Bergman Director Bob who won a To Director Brian De ___Director Brooks Director Browning Director Bu Director Burton Director Burton or Robbin Director Cameron ___Director Clair Director coming from Cal., US ...

Dig find Dig for Dig in Dig in Derby maybe, having turned up in a shawl Dig in order to find plant Dig into Dig it Dig it!

Difficulty, so to speak Difficulty, to the Bard Diffident Diffident Ulster Unionist about to recruit Poles Diffuse Diffuse slowly Diffusing energy in sex-appeal - a help when turning up in music party Diffusion very much set back one probing simple plant life Dig Dig (for)Dig (into)Dig a heap Dig a lot Dig around radioactive metal that's sticking out Dig deeply Dig discovery Dig discovery: Var.

Small prob­ability Dig sans tools Dig tunnels Dig up Dig up (a corpse)Dig up from plateau near Thiepval Dig, for example Dig, perhaps Dig, so to speak Dig, with "on"Digest Digest - anthology Digest antidepressants initially, then stomach a bit of dope Digested Digestion aid Digestion and circulation Digestive bacteria Digestive enzyme Digestive failure Digestive gland Digestive juice Digestive organ Digestive system parts wi Digger Digger of "The Life of Ri Digger of early TV's "The Digger, almost new, acquired by one working around house?

Dig like a pig Dig out of bed with tip of spade and rake over Dig rows?

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