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The second theme is related to the question of why sexual selection is strong in some lineages but not others.This question continues to be a major theme of modern research, but Darwin expressed an amazingly modern, intuitive understanding of some of the explanations for the patterns of sexual selection among diverse evolutionary lineages (2).This depends on the advantage which certain individuals have over other individuals of the same sex and species, in exclusive relation to reproduction.”However, Darwin makes it clear that not all selection related to reproduction constitutes sexual selection, as primary sexual traits—like ovaries and testes—can evolve as a consequence of natural selection.Even though he never spells it out in so many words, Darwin's working definition of sexual selection is essentially identical to the one used by Andersson (3) and most other scientists studying sexual selection.It is difficult to find a quote from Darwin that captures the full essence of his concept of sexual selection, but he provides the following definition (ref.

Although we have made significant progress in some areas of sexual selection research, we still have much to accomplish. Now—200 years after Darwin's birth—is an excellent time to reflect on the modern relevance of his work and on progress that has been made in the study of sexual selection since his time.The first theme concerned the question of why sexual selection occurs in the first place.In the context of this question, Darwin identified the 2 major categories of sexual selection, namely intrasexual and intersexual selection, although he didn't use those terms (2).is most famous for Darwin's contribution to the hypothesis of sexual selection, but the main goal of the book was to provide evidence that evolutionary principles applied to humans and that humans descended from some ape-like common ancestor.Darwin believed that sexual selection played a major role in the evolution of humans and the divergence among distinct human populations, so he felt a lengthy description of sexual selection was necessary.In some species, males engage in fierce struggles among one another, and the victors in these contests tend to mate with the receptive females.Darwin provided numerous examples of species in which intrasexual combat for access to mates prevailed, some of the more interesting of which include male narwhals fencing with their tusks (which remains to be studied, but see ref. He went well beyond a simple description of the phenomenon by providing extensive evidence and considering the far-reaching implications of the idea. And second, what factors determine the strength of mate choice (or intensity of sexual selection) in each sex?Here we consider the contributions of Darwin to sexual selection with a particular eye on how far we have progressed in the last 150 years. Darwin provided partial answers to these questions, and the progress that has been made on both of these topics since his time should be seen as one of the great triumphs of modern evolutionary biology.However, a review of the literature shows that key aspects of sexual selection are still plagued by confusion and disagreement.Many of these areas are complex and will require new theory and empirical data for complete resolution.

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