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In the unbearable quiet, he desperately wondered if he had gone too far. He looked up, hearing voices outside the compartment.After several moments of silence, the stranger spoke again. Then, he spoke again, a strange sense of finality resonating in his voice. He sighed with irritation, summoning another spellbook even as he heard voices outside his compartment. In that instant, the man’s eyes met his son’s emerald gaze. His free hand occupied itself with petting the majestic raven on the armrest of the seat. Lord of Bones He leaned back into the massive black seat, idly flicking through the pages of the massive tome in his hands.Harry closed his eyes in irritation, feeling the onset of a headache behind his eyelids.

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He noticed the olive-skinned boy hide a smile behind his hand.

The blonde looked directly at Harry, a sneer barely hiding the stunned shock on his features even as the dark-haired girl released a scandalized gasp. She straightened herself, releasing the suddenly paler boy, before turning her attention to Harry, who had so far only raised an eyebrow at her sudden shift in personality.

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